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Toeic Listening Practices

Get your highest score on TOEIC listening skills

It's not easy to get a high score on TOEIC Listening test if you have not practiced your listening skills. "Practice makes perfect", you have no choice to practice your TOEIC listening skill before taking your actual test. Here we provide you a great tool that you can use to practice your TOEIC listening skill at anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.

This app is to provide you a huge number of practices with full of listening skills like Picture Description, Questions & Responses, Short Conversations and Short Talks. We believe that you can get your highest score on TOEIC listening actual test after practicing all of our practices.

Not just the TOEIC testing material, we are also working hard to make this app easy to use, so you will feel the most comfortable when using this app.

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Essential TOEIC word list

Foundation to get high score on TOEIC test

Words/Vocabulary is the foundation for a Language, it's truth for TOEIC. We are here to help you build your essential TOEIC words foundation.

Essential TOEIC word list app provided an effective way to learn essential TOEIC words or review your TOEIC words anytime, anywhere in your iPhone. Here we provide you a list of 4000 essential words in TOEIC actual test that you will need to know/understand in order to get a high score on TOEIC testing.

All our words included simple/clear examples, so that you can understand a word thoroughly and quickly.

With Essential TOEIC word list app, you are not just able to learn new words, you are also able to review your words learned whenever you have time. You can pin/mark a word to review until you remember it all.

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Best Essay Collection for TOEFL/IELTS

Improve your writing skills at anywhere, anytime.

Want to write a good English essay for TOEFL or IELTS? This magic gift is for you to help you become a great English essay writer.

We are here to provide you thousand essays collected and contributed by all students/people around the world. You can refer to these essays to improve your essay writing skills, or just simply get an idea for a writing.

With variety of topics and essays here, you can learn both bad things and good things from these essays in order to become a great essay writer. We also frequently update and add new essays to this collection, we hope you enjoy this.

You are not only received random essays from us, but you can search essays related to your topics or essays that contain a sentence you want to learn for your writing.

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Check List++ : To-do & Task List | Task Manager

"Well-organized to be more productive in your daily life". This app is going help you get your highest productive people as possible.

Life is messy if you don't organize it effectively. Check List++ is to provide all necessary functionality of a check list to solve your current issues; it will help to organize and manage your task/todo easily and fast in an intuitive way. You will never forget what to do any more with this real professional checklist.

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Refresh English Everyday

Refresh English is to provide you a great way to refresh, maintain and improve your English effectively. Let Refresh English app challenge your English capability daily with questions to maintain and improve your English. There are many levels which are suitable for your current English level (Elementary, Intermediate, Advance, Preposition, TOEFL, TOEIC). Additionally, we have a huge number of question which you would like to be challenged daily, so don't worry about lack of questions.

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English Listening Practices

Smart tool to improve your listening skill

English Listening Practices is a smart tool that can help you refresh and improve your english listening skill everyday.

We are providing you the smart and the most convenient way to check/refresh/improve your listening capability by listening and filling the blanks. You will be wow about how easy and comfortable it is with this smart english study app.

We focus much time on the User Experiences to make sure that you have the most comfortable feeling when using this app daily.

We provide a huge numbers of practices which will be pushed to you randomly. The practices are also updated frequently.

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Photos Bracket - Private Photo Show & Share

Choose photos you want to show or share. Handover your Phone. We take care all the security and privacy stuff for you.

Photos Bracket is an app that help you show and share your photos securely, the app only show what you want to show when you hand over your phone to friends. Your friends will no longer over-scroll/overswiping to see the photos that you want to keep secret. You can now peacefully hand over your phone to friends to show them your great moment and no longer worrying about overscrolling.

Beside the Photos Show, the Photos Bracket also provide wirelessly sharing feature. We can now quickly share/broadcast your selected photos via your WIFI network, so that you can access them from your browsers on Mac or PC without installing any additional apps. By this sharing, you can take your photos out of your iPhone quickly and effortlessly.

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